No Comparison

06 Oct

For I consider the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us.   James 8:18

One night at my girlfriend’s house we were laughing because she had returned a movie to Blockbuster without the movie in the case.  Little did I know that was marked as a divine appointment for me.  The movie was Evan Almighty and it was a movie that I had avoided, I decided to watch it with my girlfriend before returning it.  I really appreciate the writer of this movie because even through a comedy, his portrayal of God was so accurate.  Evan became congressman and wanted to change the world.  God heard and answered his prayer.  Evan’s world changing experience began through ridicule and embarrassment, his questions to God were answered with this “everything I do is out of love for you”.  Evan had gone through so much trial and scrutiny and he even asked God if he could love him a little less.  Close to the end as Evan has lost most everything and is about to lose his family and being disgraced publically,  God had something to reveal through Evan.  The dot connector for me was going through a trial for the past year and a half.  I have been confused, broken and angry and everything I was believing for was lost.  Lord where are you and why are you allowing this?  I hear God’s answer to me, “everything I do is out of love for you”.  When I heard those words whispered in my spirit, I realized that the trial that I had been going through has revealed things to me about myself, life and God.  I am actually a different person because of it.  God’s glory in me today is greater than what is now behind me.  Today the blame, bitterness and victim mentality is now gone…..I am actually grateful for my experience!   It seemed that I had lost something valuable, but actually what is ahead of me is greater than anything that is behind me.  Trusting God is hard because we look at our circumstances and its hard to see that God uses them to reveal His Glory and on the other side His word is true that the Glory will be greater than the present suffering.  No matter what your suffering is today, trust and wait on God’s glory to be revealed to you and on the other side you will be grateful for what was revealed.

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