Crossing over

17 Nov

Hear O Isreal !  You are crossing over the river Jordan to go in and dispossess nations greater and mightier than you, great cities fortified to heaven.  Deut. 9:1

I am here today to give God praise because He has done so much for me this year on a particular journey that I have been on and to testify that God’s word is powerful and unlimited.  Through this journey one of the main roots that caused a lot of dysfunctional behavior from me was a root of rejection.  The manifestations of this root was either approval addiction or manipulation through passive aggression.  If I found out that you said something about me or if someone was upset with me without a cause I would own that to such a degree that it would affect the way I felt and they way I acted.  Typically I would feel very bad about myself and I would almost agree with the gossip that was spoken over me OR I would give you the silent treatment to let you know I was upset OR if you displayed anger, I would get angrier!! YUCK!  I was most recently presented with an OPPORTUNITY……I was around someone who is upset with me for something that I did not do.  They were cordial, but I was definitely treated different than the others that were around.  Because of God’s healing power, I was not affected by that person’s actions.  I was able to have a good time as if nothing was wrong.  Since my choices are not being filtered through a root of rejection, no longer do I have to be affected by what others do and think about me. Also, I did not act out of pride or entitlement, by claiming that I don’t deserve to be treated that way, afterall, I am innocent.  Another blessing from God is that I have compassion for the person holding an offense against me, because I know the torment of turmoil and I want them to be in peace.   

So the scripture applied is …….Hear O CK!  You are crossing over into a place of emotional rest and freedom and because of my power the strongholds and bondages are being destroyed which are greater than you, but not for your God!  This truth is for you too.  If you are struggling with something ask God to reveal the root and His truth and healing so that you no longer make choices that are filtered through a lie that is robbing you of a healthier you and healthy relationships.  God Bless You!

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