You are not meant for containment

30 Dec

And the Lord was with Joseph, and he became a prosperous man.  Genesis 39:2

In studying the life of Joseph, he was the youngest of his brothers and he was favored by his father.  Once he had a vision from the Lord that his brothers would bow down to him and he told his brothers this dream and it caused great jealousy and envy, Joseph’s trials began.   He was first taken by his brothers to be killed, but rather sold into slavery.  He ends up in Potiphar’s house.  His master could see that the Lord was with him and gave him favor.  Because he was handsome, Potiphar’s wife wanted Joseph, but he refused saying “There is no one greater in this house than I, and he has withheld nothing from me except you, because you are his wife. How then could I do this great evil and sin against God?”  Because of his refusal, she accused him of rape and ended up in jail.  Here again, we see that the Lord is with Joseph and gave him favor with the jailer.  Joseph lost years being a slave and in jail and yet we see that the Lord was with Joseph.  If the Lord was with Joseph, how could he lose his life for years and yet the Lord said he was a prosperous man??  Years later Joseph would interpret a dream and become second in command of all of Egypt.  A famine had come on the land and all had heard there was grain in Egypt.  As God would have it, the brothers approached Joseph to buy grain and they did not recognize him.  When Joseph revealed his identity to them, they bowed down to him just as he dreamt and they were afraid that he would kill them.  Joseph could kill his brothers, he could be holding onto the offenses of his brothers by being unfairly sold into slavery.  Joseph responded in grace to his brothers, ‘what you meant for harm, the Lord has meant for good’.  Everything that Joseph had been through brought him to be second in command in all of Egypt.  I feel like Joseph because of a lifetime struggle, I once again found myself in a battle to destroy my identity……I was alone on Christmas and I was not enjoying turkey and ham, but rather Starbucks, I did not have gifts and enjoyed childhood stories, but layed in bed watching pride and prejudice.  One thing I know, is that the Lord was with me.  He knew what I was thinking and what I was feeling, I was not worthy to be a vessel for him.  I was so broken and I woke up the next morning and went to a church that I had never been to with a friend, I was called out of the crowd by a prophet…..and they began to describe my life of battles with the world and that the Lord has called me and it is not in vain and that all the perils that I found would be used to help those with the same battles.  I cried, it was God’s loving way of reaching down and wrapping his arms around me.  Over the next week, I was so angry and I was rising up in my entitlement of innocence and I realized that I am acting out and everything is getting on my nerves.  I realized driving one day that this was really getting to me and that was why everything was making me angy.  I began to weep and at that moment nothing seemed to matter except for pleasing God.  Who cares if I get an apology, who cares if I get them to admit that they are wrong???  What does all that matter at the end of the day except that I am losing my peace and when I get my apology am I really going to feel better??  I found that seeking diligently for my peace in God is greater than trying to find my peace through man or woman.  I have found that God is more interested in changing something in us, rather than in somone else.  Like Joseph, God has always been with me, and what the enemy has meant for my harm, God has intended it for good……He is going to use the battles that have been fought to be won for someone else.  Let’s extend the arms of God knowing that He is with us and let’s seek after our peace by trusting in Him and letting go of offenses even when we have been unfairly treated.  We may not be second in command of a nation, but with a attitude yielded to God, we can go places and do things that we could never dream.  The containment of our offenses will hold us back and keep us stuck in our emotional prison…..rise up because you are not meant to be contained in your hurts, but you are free to release yourself and your offender.

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