The best

29 Jan

And He has brought us (me) to this place and has given us (me) this land, a land flowing with milk and honey.  Dt. 26:9

I have always read this and familiar scriptures that pertained to our promise land.  It has been recently that I have gotten a deep revelation of what God means and what we are to have as believers.  We are all to dwell in that good place.  I have always had some capacity of peace since receiving Christ in my life.  Today I am living a much deeper sense of that.  What I mean, is that there is an element of peace of knowing the word and trusting God.   But there was always an energy if I can define it that way or anxiety or just an unsettling feeling with me always.  I cannot thank God enough for the process that I have gone through and the healing that I have allowed Him to do in me.  It has been a very rough road for the past year and God has healed some very deep wounds.  I can pinpoint a crossing over or right of passage.  One day I literally woke up and I knew I was different, that something major had taken place.  Through my process that has been very difficult I allowed God to make the changes in me and remained obedient no matter the cost.   I can say that in this journey that I have entered into that good land, I know that I will go deeper, but this side of its borders are wonderful.  What does that look like for me?  Approximately six months now I have a contentment and peace that I have never had.  I literally want for nothing and I don’t have that anxiety that I really did not know was there, until it was gone, I suppose I was just used to it being there.  Since I have this contentment I no longer have desires to chase anything in the world to fill a void.  What was my void?  A need for acceptance – which could be temporarily filled with new clothes, going out on the town, alcohol or even a man.  That void has been dealt with and it is filled by the only one who can fill it and that is Jesus!  Materially speaking, I love my home which I used to hate because I used to share it with someone, I love my ministry and I have a new job to help generate income so I can travel more, I have great friends that surround me, I love my church and most of all I love God and am grateful for the precious gift of peace.   I did research on the scripture referenced in Deuteronomy and the phrase milk and honey means “the best part of the whole”.  I believe that with everything in me that God wants the BEST for us.  Jesus said in John 14 ‘peace I leave you, my peace I give you, not as the world gives do I give to you‘.  I can testify that the worldly things that you are chasing to find peace is only temporary, Jesus gives a different kind of peace that can come from no other.  If you want that peace, please pray with me.

Lord Jesus, thank you for the price that you paid, giving your life so that I can have your peace.  I choose today to make you Lord of my life and I ask that you would come into my heart.  Cleanse me of all unrighteousness and create in me a clean heart in Jesus’ name, Amen!

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