Your payback is coming

03 Feb

The LORD says, “I will give you back what you lost to the stripping locusts, the cutting locusts, the swarming locusts, and the hopping locusts. Joel 2:25

In this scripture the Lord uses a metaphor of locusts that represent what the enemy has taken from us. In studying this scripture, the Hebrew translation for locust is devour. Have you ever seen what locusts do to bushes or even leaves on trees? They devour the leaves and after they are done there is typically just remnants of the leaves left – they are very destructive. I have had a lot of things robbed and stolen from me. I want you to hear my heart as I share this because it is meant not for complaint but for giving God glory in hopes of encouraging you.  My parents split up when I was around 12 and my brother was 4 year old. Since my dad was gone I had to contribute more to our family because my mother worked full time. I was expected to care for my brother all the time, I never got to enjoy any summer vacations, I never got to spend evenings with friends and if I went any where, he had to go with me.  Sometimes I just needed a break from my responsibilities and I could never get that opportunity. This went on for years. As I mentioned earlier this is not for complaint, I believe in helping out, but it was always expected with no reward or appreciation. The attitude of my parent was almost tyrannical towards me. The Lord has revealed to me what exactly has been lost or stolen in my life. I love my brother but I felt that I was his mother and I raised him, but I was a child myself.  As I grew older the desire for children grew less and less in me. I began to see children as a hindrance or that your life ended and you had no freedom. That is what I felt like growing up, I lost my freedom as a young girl. I went on to marry someone I went to high school with and after being married for several years he began to talk about having a family and that is when I began to check out mentally. I was terrified of having children and I left him. It would be fair to say that I have had that same fear or mentality up until recently and it is very sad but I have ended many relationships just like marriage because they either had children or wanted a family. About 10 years ago I had cancer and I was told at that point that I would never be able to have children, even if I wanted children, I had my choice taken away from me. I began crying when the Lord revealed that I missed out on the joy of motherhood. Once again please hear my heart, we have all taken care of our siblings, but with the demand made from my parent it put such a negative stigma on the whole situation. In Joel 2:25 we see that we are promised to have years restored.  Now I will never know the joy of motherhood, but I could love someone else’s child or the word says in Isaiah that the barren woman will possess more children than the one who bares children. What this means is that I could have more spiritual children through ministry which would bring more joy than just one child of my own. What has been stolen from you? Your innocence as a child? Healthy relationships? A broken marriage? Are you in a financial setback? Are you bound to some addiction? A child who is on a destructive path?  The Lord promises that whatever has been devoured will be restored back to you.  This may sound crazy but trust me it will confuse your enemy – you thank him for what has been devoured and that you are not defeated and because of his plans that has set you up for a minimum of double for your trouble and you stand on that promise and wait for God to do what only He can do. AMEN?!  Isaiah 61:7 For your shame you shall have double and for confusion you shall rejoice, therefore in their land they shall possess double and ever lasting joy shall be!!

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