It takes courage

06 Feb

Have I not commanded you?    Be strong and courageous!  Do not tremble or be dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.  Joshua 1:9

In this chapter Moses has just died and God had risen up a new leader to lead the children of Israel into the promised land.  You will notice that God commanded His people 3 times to be strong and courageous.  Why would God make such a command?  If this is a promised place that is flowing with milk and honey, why should they remain strong?  They were entering into their place of promise, BUT it was already inhabited with giants.  I am having to relearn how to prosper in all areas of my life.  Using the word proper in this context is not solely about wealth – I am trying to live out the true meaning of prosperity which is ‘nothing missing and nothing broken’.  In life I learned as a very young girl to live in survival mode or the reactionary side of life.  In this transformation process God began to give me ‘battle’ scriptures whenever I was going to face some type of opposition.  Every time I would get one I would instantly become terrified.  First because I never knew what the battle was and second, even though the scripture always indicated that God would fight for me and knowing that He was saying that it would be victorious – I still responded in doom.  After going through that for months, the light bulb went off one day and I had this huge shift in my thinking……I learned that when I saw ‘battle’ I changed the word to ‘opportunity’.  Whatever the battle was I was going into it positive and thanking God for the opportunity to overcome something !  That is warrior thinking, not a coward.  We serve a mighty God and in Him we always overcome!  Now going back to the scripture in Joshua…why would God put His people in a place that had giants and they were told to go in and possess the land – which meant there were battles to come.  If we want to be successful in every area of our life we have to fight for it.  If you want a successful business you have to fight for it.  If you want a successful marriage you have to fight for it.  If you want to be great parents you have to fight for it.  Let’s take relationships as an example, because  it literally takes courage to be vulnerable, to admit when you are wrong, to be hurt, to give more than you are getting back, to honor someone when you are not being honored in return.  If you follow my blogs you will remember that I defined ‘milk and honey’.  That literally means the best part of the whole.   God wants you to have the best of your journey in life, but you have to fight for all of it.    What areas are you fearful where you need to add courage?  What do you need to possess rather than run from?  Please don’t be offended, but running is taking the easy way out and that is what a coward does,  nothing gets resolved and eventually you will start a pattern of running whenever it gets difficult.   Don’t ask God to change someone else or the situation – you rise up like Joshua and take the lead and let the change start with you – that is true leadership – lead yourself in any situation and you make it better!

Pray with me:  Lord Jesus thank you that you want the best for your children.  I pray Father that we would all take a step of faith to trust you and would realize that you are with us and that we can do all things through you who gives us strength.  Help us see any and every opposition as an opportunity to overcome and to grow.  Help us to be courageous so that we may have what you want for us and that is the best! Amen!

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