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The Finish Line

The end of a matter is better than its beginning.  Eccl. 7:8

I wish that I could keep this in perspective of everything that I do, to remain conscience of the ending of a situation or circumstance.  I have definitely learned over time, that the end or outcome of a situation is more vital than its beginning.  With keeping this in perspective or top of mind this simple truth could help direct my actions or the way that I respond in any given situation that would promote the best outcome.  I learned this truth by God’s correction through an embarrassing situation.  Not long ago I attended  a trade show and I had a great time promoting my company.  I always walk around all the exhibits and introduce myself to the other vendors and find out a little about what they do.  I struck up a conversation with one particular vendor and we talked about being in ministry and I shared my passion for inmates and my love for prison ministry.  He also shared that his father-n-law had been in prison ministry for years.  I love making God connections.  When the trade show was over I knew that leaving the garage where I was parked I would have to pay to get out.  All the vendors were leaving around the same time and I was one of the first cars to reach the parking attendant.  I pulled out my company credit card and he said that they don’t take cards, cash only.  I told him that I did not have cash and he refused to take my card and he refused to lift the gate to let me out.  I begged him to let me out of the garage and that I would park in front of the building and get cash from an ATM and pay.  He would not let me out.  I told him that I had no choice otherwise because there were at least 30 cars in line behind me to get out the garage.  He literally got out of the small booth he was in and made me back up and all the others begin backing up so I could get out of line to get cash.  I got out of my car and yelled at the car behind me and said, ‘they don’t take cards’!! The girl behind me had to get cash too along with many others!!!  I was upset and how ridiculous that he would not let me out.  What I then noticed was the gentleman that I had the ministry conversation with was 2 cars behind.  He saw me very upset.  Even though I felt entitled, I was very embarrassed.  I was not pleased with the way that ended.  I wish that I had not gotten publically upset and that he did not witness it.  Notwithstanding him, but what about the others who were close to me see me get upset?  I felt that I completely blew my witness as a Christian.  I wish I would have done something different, because I could never do a re-take or a do over, the situation ended the way it did and there was no taking it back.  I can think of so many other situations that have ended where I wish I could change it.  Many of our start in lives are the same, they don’t always have a great beginning, in fact, our beginnings have been difficult and with many obstacles, but I look ahead and I can make a choice to how I finish – that is what is most important.  I can’t change what people have done, I can’t change the circumstances that have happened, but I can CHOOSE how I respond to anything that has happened or will happen to me and allow the best ending or finish.  The author of Hebrews refers to life as a race and just like any race its the finish line that we are striving for, we don’t look back that we may have started in last position, but we race towards the finish line to win.  Winning in life does not necessarily mean being first, but how we run our race.  Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witness surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entagles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.  Hebrews 12:1

The author instructs us to look toward the finish line, because there is a race that has been set before us, in other words we have a purpose in life and the goal should be crossing the finish line, staying on purpose and not letting a parking lot attendant, friends, parents, teachers, etc…….to cause us to lose focus of our purpose.  Running in faith by keeping our eyes on Jesus who gives us strength and gives us hope of victory for every hurdle that we face.  You are going to have many finish lines or endings in this life, keep focused on Him and keep in perspective, that how you finish anything is more important than when you started.

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