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Lacking in Nothing

Knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.  And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete lacking in nothing.  James 1: 3,4

I am finally understanding what my pastor means when he says ‘the thing is never about the thing, but every thing is about everything.’  I believe that everyone has something that they struggle with.  For me, it seems that I am constantly being tested in the area of being offended and always trying to defend myself.  Could it be possible that the plan and purpose that God has for me according to Jeremiah 29:11 for I know the plans that I have for you, plans of good and not evil would be for me to develop into emotional steadfastness?  Ministers of the gospel are in my mind compared to celebrities, they live constantly under a microscope and are on the receiving end of cruel and unfair speculations.  I once heard Joyce Meyer tell a story about someone who wrote into her ministry complaining about the size of her wedding ring that it was too big and perhaps that is what she spent ministry donations on.  As she continued her story, she tells that the ring was given to her by someone that she did not even know and sadly she said that she went so long without a wedding ring because while sleeping her first husband took it off her finger while she slept so he could go sell it!  That is just like our God to give us something that has been robbed from us, whether materially or emotionally!  The truth is that happens to her all the time.  From birth I have been rejected and critisized even by loved ones and to this day that seems to be my test.  I had something happen just yesterday where someone embarrassed me in front of my colleagues and I did not retailiate, but I did not like how I felt.  I felt it was a revelation to me of an area that I need to focus on and grow.  If God were to promote me any higher than I am, would I crumble at the first critical remark about me?  You may not be headed for ministry, but we all have a purpose and could it be that you keep facing the same tests over and over.  Perhaps you are going through a financial struggle and you keep asking God “when is it going to end?”  It is not God testing you in that area to frustrate you, but rather showing you that it is His miraculous touch that all your bills are paid, even though you may not have much left over.  The lesson is showing you that his resources are unlimited and that He is very capable of providing for your needs. 

This is the time not to be discouraged, because God says he has a GOOD plan for you and in our foundation scriputre today, testing of our faith produces endurance which provides completeness and that you would lack in nothing.  That simply means that the next time you are tested, you will not approach it with the same fear, you can recall in the past God’s faithfullness and you can rest in that peace in the midst of your testing.  The next scripture in James says that if anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask.  God’s wisdom will help you face and pass the tests.  With God’s view of your tests and trials, you will see them as He does and you will soon learn not to focus on that ‘thing’, but put it in context of everything.  I love you and am believing that your best is yet to come.

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