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I will remember, therefore I will not worry

Then I said, ‘it is my grief that the right hand of the Most High  [in loving-kindness extended toward us] has changed’.  I will [earnestly] recall the deeds of the Lord, yes, I will [earnestly] remember the wonders [You performed].  I will meditate on all your works and mighty deeds that You have performed.  Ps. 77

I am extremely fond of the old testament and really gain most of my understanding from it.  I have asked God many times how the children of Isreal were wondering in the desert… they could see miracle after miracle performed in their lives why they would always default to complaining and fear.  Afterall, in 40 years their clothes never wore out, they witnessed the Red Sea being parted, practically a lake of water came out of a split rock, bread rained down from heaven every day, etc.  I get that answer back in my every day life.  I serve a supernatural God who has done amazing things for me, things that could not be done by man alone, these solutions to my problems or miracles could only be pointed to Him.  So why is it when I hit a bump in the road  do I stress out, lose sleep, quit eating, cry and worry????  God leads me back to this very verse in Psalms.  God is saying, just look back on your life and remember what I have done for you, am I not that same God who provided solution after solution, will I not do the same this time?  He says if you will remember what I have done, think about each and every situation that you have had my mighty hand of provision…..if you meditate on those things, they will replace the worry and you will be able to look forward awaiting my direction and provision.  When I refer to provision, that does not necessarily mean financial, it is provision in a whole term, whatever my need is, God is my provider.  I lost my job about 2 weeks ago and initially I was sad because I was leaving a place where I felt I was part of a family, but I was excited of the new thing that God was bringing.  A short time later I began to worry, spent a week of sleepless nights, lost my appetite and cried every day because I had no prospects and did not know what direction to turn.  I do not know why I was so upset, God had been speaking to me for weeks that I was to forget the former things and that he was doing a new thing.  Therefore, He has planned this and it was no surprise to Him.  After a week of fretting, I began to mediate on a scripture ‘no eye has seen no ear has heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man, the good things that I have planned’ and also I would say outloud that ‘even though it is dark and I cannot see in the dark, I will end up where I am supposed to be.’  I had gone to a friend’s house one day and I was helping her process some home loans and I got a phone call from the loan officer she had been working for asked he me if I would be interested in doing that full-time?  I said well yes, considering I just lost my job a week ago!  Adn then it hit me, this would be the 4th job in a row that I have had that has found me, I did not put out an application, I had not told anyone, I had not begun networking……it fell in my lap as the previous jobs had.  So I ask myself, God if you are capable of bringing something to me, then why do I even worry????  When am I going to trust you completely?  You see you and I are no different from the children of Isreal, we see God perform His mighty deeds and we forget them and when the next trial hits, we panic.  We are going to encouter trials in this life, but in Psalms the writer has us recall His wonders of the past, because nothing has or will happen that He will not allow to happen without His approval.  Instead of worry, we must think of what He has done for us and we anticipate what He will do on our behalf and we ask what are we to learn from our trials?  There is always a lesson, even if it is just a trust lesson, but God always has a purpose, the quicker we activate our faith and seek to know Him more intimately and get the takeaway, the quicker the provision appears.  Be encouraged today that no matter what you are going through, whether financial, health, relational, or legal battle you are facing, think about what He has done and even write those down and let those wonderous deeds of provision encourage you and like the Psalm says, the Most High will change or turn your grief and the change will be peace, joy and trust.  God loves you so very much and so do I.

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Fight the good fight of faith…..1Timothy 6:12

I have learned over the years that when God gives me something in twos and threes that I really need to give Him my attention and seek to understand exactly what it is He is wanting me to learn. This morning my daily devotional was about ‘the cost of fighting’ and then I hear my pastor this morning quote someone ‘that we should put everything in the context of war’. I have heard him say that before, but today I got it!! If we put our job, relationships, finances, health, etc. in the context of war that simply means that we have an enemy. In John 10, Jesus said that the purpose of the enemy is that he comes to steal, kill and destroy. He is after everything. I found myself telling a friend that I was going through 3 of the top stressors of life. I have lost my job, I ended a relationship and I am moving. Two of those stressors I chose, but I had no choice in losing my job. However, even though these are ultimately going to benefit me, I was still focusing on my loss, which could better be termed as casualties of war. How do I really fight these battles? How do I keep my perspective in the context of war? I fight the good fight of faith! Normal thinking is to look at loss or an ending that it is over, we can’t recover, things will never be better than what they were? Fighting the good fight is using a supernatural weapon called the word of God. We can’t focus on the loss, we can’t say we failed……..In Jeremiah, God says that he has a good plan for us, a hope and a future. We begin to shift our focus on God and His word and we meditate on that, not the negative. That is what faith is, believing what is not currently happening or has yet to happen. It’s not looking at your circumstances and making the judgment that this is how it will stay. I found myself in that spiral recently and I had to shift my thinking and I began to say out loud a scripture that the Lord gave me a year ago when I was in a difficult circumstance…..No eye has seen, no ear has heard, nor has it even entered into your heart the good things that God has planned for you. I said that over and over probably a dozen times until I began to feel better and when I am tempted to get down and focus on my loss, I remember His word, which is His promise. I don’t have a new job yet, but in the middle which is where I am, between an ending and a new beginning, I am excited and already thanking Him for the new job that He has for me!!  Also, if you are fighting with your spouse, child, sibling, boss or a friend…..remember that the enemy wants to destroy our relationships, don’t fight the person by agreeing with the enemy, give that over the God and choose to love……..I, like so many of us, have been caught up by fighting the wrong battles. And as it relates to your health, God is the Great Physician and He can heal you if you believe Him and not the report that was given to you. If you are caught in some type of sin and you feel that you have completely blown it, don’t stay there, God is faith ful to forgive no matter how great the sin.  If you are financially burdened, God is our provider and He knows exactly what you have need of.  I believe He allows some of the more difficult trials to happen in our lives so we can see almighty God and His supernatual provision for us – to give Him glory for demonstrating the impossible.  Find scripture verses that pertain to whatever battle you fight and write them down, say them out loud and pull them out when you are being tempted to get discouraged and fight the good fight of faith, believing what is possible and don’t allow the battles to overtake you. Jesus said right after that the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy…..BUT I have come that I may give you life more abundantly….so in order to experience that abundant life, we have to allow His word and our faith to fight the battles that will bring results of life and not death to any situation.  God loves you and He is with you!

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