Divine Appointments

18 Nov

For not one of us lives for himself, and not one dies for himself.  Romans 14:7

I recently lost my job and I have been unemployed one week when I received a call from a friend of a friend and asked if I would be interested in working with him full time.  I said yes of course, since I am no longer employed!  Wow, God is good, however, it is in the mortgage industry and I had gotten out of that industry in 2009 and vowed never to return!!  I took the job knowing that it was not a sales position but that what I would be doing was temporary.  I was really concerned because the person I would be working for is very demanding and loses their temper a lot and also because I struggle in roles that are not sales oriented.  I just did not know how long I would last with him.  I started on a Monday and by Wednesday he was calling a friend of mine threatening to fire me.  Well that was not a total shock to me.  Even though I knew that was possible it still hurt and I felt rejected and I cried out to God and asked him how did I get here??!!   The Lord kept giving Numbers 11 ‘Is my power limited’?  and I would answer ‘no’.  Needless to say, I am still working there, its been the Lord who has kept me there, not man, because He is in control of everything.  One day the guy that I am working for called me into his office and made a very generous proposal and completely changed my job description and my salary – I was ecstatic, because now I would working more in sales which is better utilizing my skillsets.  I have been in an office by myself and one day they moved their IT manager in to share this office with me.  Normally our conversations were superficial, but one day she was sharing with me that she thought that she was going to die.  I asked her why and she said because she sees the time 11:11 every morning and every afternoon.  Long story short that conversation led into a great conversation about the Lord.  Everyday when I would come in she would ask me questions about God, church and religion.  She really enjoyed our conversations and so did I.  This past week she came to me and she said, ‘I think God had me move in this room on purpose to be with you’.  I said, ‘really’?  She said, yes, do you think I am crazy’?  I said, no, I am being sarcastic and nothing happens by accident.  Market place ministry is one of the most important positions for us as Christians to be in, because we encounter people everyday, whether at work, in a restaurant, store, school, etc.  That is your pulpit, that is why it is so important to be light bearers daily, because you never know who you will meet.  I shared with her a quote from my pastor:  the thing is not about the thing, but its about everything.  In other words, my job is not necessarily about labor or earning money, but doing Kingdom business.  I told her that I kept asking God how I got here, back in mortgage and with someone who is very demanding……but I soon realized my purpose was to meet her and to be the loving arms, patient ear and wisdom of Christ.  In this instance I know the seeds that I have planted, but there are many times that we will never know the seeds that we plant that make a difference.  I knew when I started with this company that our office space would be temporary and be moving at the end of the month, but the short few weeks that I was here, God had one of His children positioned to have her life interrupted and I will be sad when I don’t get to see her every day.  Can I ask what may be going on in your life that you don’t understand?  I challenge you to ask God what its purpose is in your life to help someone else.  I also challenge you to pray daily for divine appointments, for God’s wisdom and words to be in your mouth and watch who He brings in your life.  Remember, the things in life are about a higher purpose or transcendent cause for the Kingdom.

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One response to “Divine Appointments

  1. Dana Henson

    November 21, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    CK -you are so precious and God so loves you! The woman in your story is blessed beyond measure to have crossed paths with you. You are an instrument of His Grace and Mercy to a lost and hurting world. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!


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