Do Not Fear

14 Dec


We do not have to fear the terror of the night, the arrow that flies by day, the pestilence that stalks in the darkness nor the destruction that lays waste in the noon day.  A thousand may fall at my side and ten thousand and my right hand, but it shall not approach me.      Psalms 91



I am sitting in Wednesday night service and I am crying and filled full of fear.  All of a sudden the pastor says out loud, ‘there is someone here and you feel like you are going to die, but God says not to fear and He is guarding your life’!  Wow, I knew he was talking about me – however, it still did not bring me any comfort.  Nearly two years prior to this night, I was in my hot tub and there were some girls from another complex and they were talking about a murder that took place across the street from where I lived.  I had not heard anything about it, but learned that this was a serial rapist.  The police had been looking for him for quite some time.  He had certain targets, like first floor apartments, lights on and he would kick the door in, have his victims drive him to an ATM and then he would rape them.  Because of this I could not sleep and I immediately transferred to an upstairs apartment.  I cannot tell you how much sleep I lost, how I would not turn my lights on at night, I would only have my TV on and I used very dark drapes to cover my windows.  My fear had so overcome me that I was fearful to go home after work, in fact, I tried to figure out a way to sleep at work.  I was very cautious if I went to the store to look to see if anyone followed me home.  At night I would constantly get up and look out my peep hole to see if anyone was outside my door.  I lived like this for nearly two years.  You have to realize that because I am a kidnapping survivor that I am more sensitive to crime as it relates to me.  One night I was in God’s word and I was led to this scripture in Psalms, it was as if the words lept off the page.  God himself was showing me that He is my protection.  The thing that stood out the most for me was ‘the pestilence that stalks in the darkness’.  That is what I was afraid of, but all of a sudden I just felt peace and comfort knowing that God  has given his angels charge over me and that I am covered under the shadow of His wings.  Shortly after I surrendered my fear to God, they finally caught this man who had been on a criminal rampage for over two years.  To this day, I quote Psalms 91 before I go to sleep every night and I find comfort in God’s word and am able to sleep in peace knowing that He is my shelter and refuge.  I believe that everyone struggles with some type of fear.  There is a reason that ‘fear not’ is in the bible 365 times, its literally one fear not for each day.  You may be struggling with the fear of losing your job, losing your home, maybe it’s a health scare, an unsaved loved one, legal struggle, a large debt, marriage, falling grades, being bullied, or fear of not being able to overcome some type of addiction or even a fear of living sober.  You know I even knew someone like that who had been drinking for so long to cope with an abusive childhood, they were actually terrified of being sober because they did not know how to live that way.  Fear is used to paralyze us by the enemy and if we become paralyzed we will not move forward, it’s a way of keeping us in that bondage. You hear so many acronyms for fear, such as false evidence appearing real and to put it more simply, fear is a lie we believe.   Faith literally is the opposite of fear and you must take that leap of faith and trust faith which is truth more than fear which is believing a lie.  The reason why fear has so much power over us is even though it is a lie, it has become a type of truth to us…..we believe that the worst thing can or will happen.  No matter what fear you are facing, God’s protection scripture in Psalms 91 will cover you and protect you.  Because I know the power of fear, I would suggest you read this scripture in Psalms and begin to memorize it and begin to confess it over and over until you begin to let God’s truth take root in you and you begin to trust in God’s truth for you and when you become tempted to fear, just confess the scripture and it will disarm that lie and you will find your peace.   God loves you and wants you free from fear and so do I.

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