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You won’t be disappointed

For the scripture says that ‘Whoever believes in Him shall not be disappointed. Romans 10:11

As most of you know I was kidnapped about ten years ago and I noticed that afterwards strange things began to take place in my body. And for years I was on a quest to be cured of all the afflictions I was suffering. I had gone to several doctors and they wanted to just put my on antidepressants and I refused to take them. After about 4 years of suffering I decided I was going to contact a couple of doctors on my health plan, one was a endocrinologist and the other was a gastrointestinal physician. For 3 days I tried calling both of these physician’s office only to get a busy signal. These doctors were not at the same location nor did they have the same number, but every time I called the line was busy! After the second day I called from my landline and also my cell and even contacted the operator and asked for dialing assistance. I was not getting through, the line was always busy. You and I know that we do not get busy signals any longer in the business world!!! On the third day I was driving home for lunch and I was frustrated because I was trying to call again that morning to set up appointments and I screamed at God and said ‘Don’t you want me to get well?!” The radio was on in my car and I was listening to Christian radio and the speaker said, lay your hands on your body that needs healing and wait for it. I am thinking, wow I am going to get a miracle, a physical touch by God and I will be healed. I waited. Several years later a woman spoke at our church about alternative medicine and for some reason I called her office and set up a phone consultation with her and for the first time I told someone about my kidnapping. She made a statement and said, “I bet you are experiencing physical symptoms all over your body”. Then she answered my question to God years before. “CK, you do not have a physical problem, you are dealing with trauma in your body and its causing you to experience physical symptoms, but that is all they are. If I were to give you a pill for each symptom, I would make you worse”. All this time, God was protecting me from me getting worse or even possibly dying by taking something that my body did not need. I think back to when God spoke through that man on the radio……..God was trying to stop me from calling and setting appointments……..I was waiting on what I thought was His touch, but He was actually trying to get wisdom to me. You see my symptoms cannot be healed by a pill, they will be addressed and healed through my recovery process. The same is true for you, whatever your symptoms you experience (addiction, anger, failed relationships, pride, self doubt, anxiety, eating disorder, etc.) healing will not come through a pill or another relationship, money, approval, etc……..healing comes from God and through our recovery. You see what looked liked a denial from God or that He just did not care, the truth is He did care and He has mine and your best interest at heart. Let’s take a step of faith today and no matter what your situation looks like, whether a denial from God, unanswered prayers……..let’s believe that God has a great plan for you and wisdom will come and you will find healing in due season. God loves you and so do I.

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