Healing for your body and soul

09 Jul
For I will restore you to health and heal your wounds       Jeremiah 30:17
A few months after I was kidnapped I began to notice some changes in my body. The three that I had most complaint about was that I began to be extremely sensitive to any kind of heat. I would begin to almost overheat and my skin would feel like it was on fire if I were in direct sunlight and/or temperatures around 100 degrees for any more than 10 – 15 seconds. The second thing I noticed is that I had major issues as it relates to my digestive tract……..years ago I finally diagnosed myself more than likely having symptoms of irritable bowl syndrome. The third thing I struggled with was if I heard any bad news, got angry, stressed or even worked out — the slightest stress on me would cause me to have what I commonly called spells. I would feel my pulse all over my body very strongly for about 3 days, I could not sleep and I usually became lethargic……just laying in my floor for days without the energy to shower or even talk. The episodes scared me. Once at work a friend of mine literally fell on the floor and blood was coming out his mouth — the whole thing traumatized me so badly that I had one of my spells and then had chest pains for 2 weeks and was put on a leave of absence at work. Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night because for no reason I would not feel good and be extremely scared and I would cry and get out my bible just looking for some comfort from God. One night I woke up and I was standing and my heart was pounding and I had the urge to throw up and my skin was burning…….I thought that I needed to go to the ER. I went to get my bible and that was the first time that I saw the scripture here in Jeremiah. Over the years I had gone to a couple of family physicians and they just wanted me to take anti-depressants and I was not willing to do that. Another time I tried for 3 days to contact an endocrinologist and a gastro intestine physician and for 3 days the line was busy!!!!! Both offices I could not get thru. By the third day I screamed at God –do you not want me to get well?????? I was listening to the radio and a preacher said — if you need healing in your body, place your hands on the area and wait for it. A year later I had a consultation with a homeopathic expert who came to our church, I made a phone consultation with her…..i told her i was kidnapped and she asked me if I had problems all thru my body and I said yes. She answered my question to God a year earlier….she said you do not have a physical problem, you have symptoms in your body because your trauma is still in your body and if I were to give you a medication for each of your symptoms I would make your worse!!!!!! I got enlightenment that day and began to connect the dots of the scripture in Jeremiah. That was the beginning of my journey of gaining knowledge and wisdom about the healing ministry that God was building in me. I am currently writing my third book with a psychologist about the body and how emotions and wounds affect us not only in our will, but also the physical symptoms that we experience. God wants so bad for us to be healed and to be free — do you know that is where most diseases start, is with unforgiveness and other types of unhealthy emotions. All of that said is really to emphasize the importance of our recovery and to really allow God to expose those very deep wounds that we have buried. I am sharing this today with you because I have received a healing in my physical body within the past couple of weeks and I know it was from the night that thru crying I released some of my pain. I have not been normal for 12 years and everyday I am thinking I am dreaming because I forgot what it was like to be normal in a particular part of my body. I also had a very good friend be freed of back pain that she had for many years — God showed her it was shame that was released. The weight of her shame she carried literally gave her such pain that she could not bend over to tie her shoes and to do some of the more simple things that we take for granted. I am so excited for each one of you and know that you will be set free from the emotional prison that you have been in and some of you will also experience physical healings in your body. Do not give up, you are almost there.
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