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What are your symptoms?

BE ANGRY, AND yet DO NOT SIN; do not let the sun go down on your anger.  Ephesians 4:26


We see that anger is an emotion that was given to us and Jesus even says that it is ok to be angry.  Anger has a time and place, however, when we are angry, he warns us not to sin.  When we sin, we first sin against God, secondly we sin against ourselves and lastly, we sin against others.   I am so excited to share this bit of brief content because it is actually a chapter being written in one of my books and the chapter is about displaced emotions.

 Due to a generational sin, I have been mistreated and severely disciplined by a parent.   When I was younger and being mistreated by my parent I would run and hide beside my bed and clinch my fists and tighten up my whole body.  I was not allowed to express my feelings, I was afraid and I was not allowed to express my emotions.  After doing that for years and up to now, I have created a coping mechanism that is so automatic that I was not even aware of it.  Recently the Lord gave me a vision where I had exhibited anger and then tried to conceal it because I was embarrassed…..that vision played out the next day when I was driving to the store…..I was impatient and honked at a car several times in front of me because they just sat a stop sign and were obviously not in a hurry like I was.  I sped around her and then turned into the parking lot and guess what?  The car pulled up next to me!  I was embarrassed and got back in my car and went home!   I was soo upset so I called someone close to me.  I told her about my vision and how it manifested.  She asked what happened the day of the vision?  I said nothing, but something happened the day before at work.  I told her it was stupid and it kept nagging me and I just kept refusing it.  She that was it!  She said you never give yourself permission to acknowledge your feelings and you kept dismissing it and what happened is …….your hurt came out as anger/frustration on the road.  She said you have displaced emotions.  She walked me through how to acknowledge my feelings and to express how that makes me feel, I can do that thru writing, talking to someone, talking to God and just release it.  Then she showed me to ask God to come and heal my emotions and to help me to forgive.  I can say that now that I am allowing myself to acknowledge hurt or anything else that happens to me and inviting God into my feelings, I don’t seem to be taking it out on the road or on people when confronted with conflict.  You know if you were to ask me if I was angry the answer would be no, I have NEVER been an angry person, but I have noticed that I exhibit a great deal of anger post kidnapping.  My anger is just a symptom of something more underlying.  Psychologists report that anger is a secondary emotion to fear.  I have experienced a lot of fear.  The combination of dealing with a great deal of fear and refusing to acknowledge my feelings has basically made me like a soda can full of carbonation and at the slightest thing I spew everywhere as if I am being shaken up.  You may not have a symptom of anger, however, you may have depression, substance abuse problem, recurring illnesses, maybe you struggle with being promiscuous, pornography, lying, etc.  I have a friend and she claimed she had a weight problem.  I asked her, do you think it is genetic or emotional.  She said definitely emotional.  I told her that she needed to change her confession because she truly did not have a weight problem, there is something much deeper and her overeating is just a symptom.  It is like that in the natural.  If you have a fever, the fever is a symptom of something much worse.  The fever is the indicator.  So are your emotional symptoms, they are indicators of something much worse that you are not recognizing.   God wants you emotionally well as well as physically and he wants you to have healthy relationships.   I challenge you to start seeking God about your symptoms and find out what the root source is and also to join a recovery group that can help facilitate your emotional growth.  You will find over time that the things that you struggle with will disappear.  God loves  you.

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