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I know you can do all things and that NO purpose of yours can be thwarted..  Job 42:2

I blogged recently some brief content from a message I will be delivering at a Texas prison in a couple of weeks on purpose.  Most people don’t believe or even know that they were born for a purpose.  What is so important about purpose?  I believe that purpose precedes the first most important need of an individual which is to be loved and accepted.  I have not always known my purpose.  In fact, my father once said to me that he was afraid to die because he was not sure what would happen to me.  I was just merely existing and referred myself to a pinball just bouncing off of one circumstance to another.  I had no goals and no long term plan for my life.  It was not until several years after I was kidnapped that God invaded my normal routine one morning and announced my purpose.  I was 40 years old and I was listening to a guy on TV.  He was talking about being born to a prostitute and she gave him drugs at a very young age and he became a drug addict.  The Lord freed him from substance abuse and he was ministering to youth who struggled with substance abuse.  I heard the Lord say ‘your life struggles are going to bring me glory’.  I began to see life differently and felt such a deep contentment that I had something to live for and that all my decisions and circumstances were not in vain.  You were born for a purpose and how do you discover your purpose?

First you need a relationship with God because He is the one who created you and Gave you purpose and begin praying for revelation of your purpose.  Second, what is most important to you?  Third, you must understand and accept yourself and if this is missing it will hinder you from discovering your purpose.  Lastly, let your pain work for you.

No matter where you are in life, how young or old it’s never too late.  Remember you may discover your purpose late in life like me or have been derailed by bad decisions — in Job no purpose can be thwarted!

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.  God bless you.

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