Don’t hold on

25 Oct

Do not call to mind or remember the former things (past), see I am doing a new thing.  Isaiah 43

I wanted a specific car since the mid 90s.  The car was very expensive so I just gave up on the idea of ever owning one.  In the 2000s they made a less expensive version and I began to hope again to own that car.  At the time I was currently leasing a very nice car and my lease was almost up.  I knew that once I turned my car in that I was going to get what I had wanted for years.  The day came and I got my dream, I still had 2 months left on my lease.  Instead of turning the car early, I kept it for 2 months in my company’s garage.  Even though i finally got the car of my dreams I could not let go of my car.   I began to get sad when I thought of getting rid of it and would drive it a lot to keep the battery charged ….I was very emotionally attached to it.  God spoke to me about the emotional attachment and began to show me it s a picture of how we hold onto experiences, words and losses.  We hold on and continually look at life through our rear view mirror and we stay stuck and do not move forward.

What are you holding on to that could be keeping you stuck.  Perhaps it is something someone said to you that hurt you.  Maybe a divorce or broken relationship.  Perhaps you spent years building a company only to lose it.  Maybe you have filed for bankruptcy and long for the lifestyle you once had.  What if you have always been healthy and active and now you have been suffering with a chronic illness.  What about aging – you are constantly wishing you were younger and find it hard to make peace with your looks changing.  You find it difficult that you are not as thin as you used to be.

God does not want us to look in the rear view mirror in life because he says he is doing a new thing and if you keep looking backward its hard to receive anything new God wants to bring in your life.  Once I turned my car in, I was finally able to enjoy the new car.  With God all things are possible and he can give you a new business or replace all that was lost in a bankruptcy, bring a new relationship or restore one that is broken.  Your future is bright and God has a good plan for your life – trust him today and watch things turn around in your favor.

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