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H E A R T check

Search me O God, and know my heart, test me and know my anxious thoughts.  Psalm 139:23

When overcoming your past circumstances, relationships, hurts, habits and hang ups – I like to refer to recovery as gaining tools for your tool belt and keeping them sharp and always using them.  If we keep our tools in our belt we have a great chance of relapse.  When I am speaking of relapse I am not limiting that specifically to substance abuse.  Relapse comes in many shapes and circumstances.  You may have to fight being an isolator, finding comfort in food, dismissing your feelings, compare yourself to someone else, control and manipulation, codependency  or promiscuity.  Whatever you are are overcoming at one point or other, it is possible to find yourself slipping back into an old habit.  A great way to keep relapse in check is to reserve daily time with God and do a H E A R T check.  Heart check stands for hurting, exhausted, angry, resentful and tense.  When we experience any of these symptoms we are vulnerable and are easily tempted to act in an old habit — our guard is down.  I suggest that you reserve daily time with God and do a quick heart check, pray the prayer in Psalm 139 and ask God to search  your heart and reveal anything that you are harboring in your heart.  Who am I angry with?  Am I holding resentment towards anyone?  I am tense please help me to be loving and patient with my loved ones today.  I realize I am exhausted, help me make right choices and strengthen me against any temptation.  Lord, I am still having mental arguments with him/her — is there still hurt lingering in my heart.  The second part of this scripture leads us to ask ‘create in me a clean heart’.  There is a part of healing that only God can do and that is a deep cleaning of our heart.  Always make sure to ask for God’s attributes when going through a daily cleansing.  If you are struggling with anger and hurt, ask for God to remove those feelings and ask him to replace those with his forgiveness, mercy and grace – as an example.  The heart check is key or using a tool from your tool belt that will help with any type of relapse.  Keeping your heart clean and emotions in check will be vital in staying free from relapse and will empower you to have a grateful attitude and great relationships.  God wants you to win in everything you encounter in life.


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Confess to possess

For with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with his mouth confesses, resulting in salvation.  Romans 10:10

Today I found out something that caught me off guard.  I was shocked and immediately it triggered me and took me back 2 years.  I was instantly under a dark cloud, crying and was instantly in fear.  No matter what I did, I was not able to shake the fear and insecurity I felt.  I began feeling that I was confined and had to get out and escape how I felt.  I could not have this not only ruin my day, but I could not allow this fear to control my thoughts and feelings.  As I began driving down the road I cried out to God.  I asked for his help so that I would see things through his eyes and with a healthy perspective.  I also asked for him to help me see truth versus believing lies from the enemy.  As I began asking for help this is what came out of my mouth….. I serve a mighty and powerful God and that according to your word in Job, your word says that no purpose of yours can be thwarted.  Lord your word says that my help comes from you and I will not place confidence in myself or man – only you!  As I started confessing, my emotions started to catch up to my words and I was able to shake off the fear that came against me.  I teach the word, but I am an imperfect being and I have struggles like you and just like you I need encouragement.

This verse here in James is outlining the power of our confession.  The word salvation here in the Greek actually means deliverance or preservation.  By my confession I was delivered from the temptation to remain fearful and worry and once again my peace was preserved.

Your words are powerful and can turn any situation around or can deliver from your circumstance.  My pastor says that whatever you confess you will possess or it will possess you — I broke the grip of fear and you can break whatever is possessing you.

Mark 11 says that truly I say to you, whoever speaks to this mountain to be taken up and cast into the sea, and believes in his heart what he says will happen, it will be granted to him.  Why is a mountain mentioned here? Because it represents an impossibility – a mountain is impossible to move and so your circumstances seem impossible.  But not with God, so begin to start confessing what you want to see and your words will bring deliverance from what is possessing you.  God loves you so much.




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