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At the end of July I had a vision and I was sitting in an airplane about to take off. It was a clear day and you could see for miles. All of a sudden I was in the air and the pilot came over the intercom and said that we were experiencing hurricane winds. As I was sitting in my seat, the plane began to rock violently and I had a chocolate bar in my lap and because of the extreme turbulence it fell on the floor and then the vision ended. I knew for sure that I was about to go through a storm and I knew that it was going to be very emotional because I was eating chocolate. If you have followed my blogs in the past you know that I dealt with an addiction to chocolate that was rooted in emotional issues. Two days after the vision I received a phone call that my mother had ran off the road and hit a tree head on and that she was in the trauma center. I was stunned by the news and realizing how life take a sudden turn, one minute I am getting ready to meet friends and attend a women’s conference and in a matter of seconds I am realizing how fragile life is and how quickly everything changes. The miracles started on impact for my mom. There was a deputy sheriff right behind her and he witnessed everything, he was able to get help to her very quickly on the desolate road they were on. Second, in the trauma center, they did a full body scan on my 71 year young mother and she had NO broken bones and NO internal bleeding. Third miracle, my mother is a free bleeder and from her bruises to a huge gash in her leg, she was clotting perfectly! The trauma doctor told her she was a alive for a reason. A day or so later after her accident I was listening to my Christian channel on Pandora and a song came on that I had never heard before. There was something that caught my attention in the chorus, ‘He’ll find you in a hurricane’! After I heard that song, I heard several more times over the next few days. God is so good and he was comforting me through this amazing song. My mother began healing from the accident and went home after 24 hours in the hospital, what a miracle!!!

One month after my mom’s accident I traveled on Labor Day to see my dad. I no sooner got to his house and he told me he had been diagnosed with cancer. I was stunned and in shock! I could not believe what I was hearing. I wondered how I was going to deal with him being sick, I just went through the trauma with my mother and I felt that I was not strong enough to cope. I was terrified of losing my dad and I felt like I was a little girl again and very vulnerable. That night the Lord asked me a question, ‘Is my power limited'(Numbers 11)? No Lord, it’s not was my answer. Even though I was still afraid deep down there was a peace. My mind would lean on his question and that is where the peace came from, however, my body was responding to all the stress and I basically did not sleep for 8 days……it was on the 8th day that my father had heard from his doctor that the cancer was contained and it was caught very early. What a relief! My father opted to have no surgery and receive radiation and the doctor told him that he would have radiation for 8 weeks (Oh by the way, the number 8 in biblical numerology is ‘new beginning) and that he would experience little to no side effects from the radiation. He is now 2 weeks in to his treatment.

On Wednesday of this week, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Oh my goodness Lord, let is stop please! How am I going to make it through this. I have cried a bucket of tears already and have lost sleep. I cannot do this! My mother is having surgery in a week or so and the doctor said not to worry, the cancer was caught and it is contained and she should only have surgery and no additional treatment. The Lord gave me Exodus 14, ‘the enemy that you see today, you will never see again, stand firm and see my deliverance’. I believe that my mom is going to be fine, because her cancer was found when they did a full body scan in the trauma center. That is why she survived the accident with only bruises and 1 cut!!! The cancer could have probably gone undetected and if it was detected, it would have probably been too late. God tells in his word in Isaiah, ‘as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than you ways’. God can be seen not only in the good, but in the tribulations in our life. I drove out to see my mom today and I heard the song he gave me at the beginning of this, ‘Hurricane’ and I cried because of his goodness and his soverignity.

To be considered a hurricane, the winds must be at least 75 mph and servere hurricanes can top out at 160 mph winds. Wind speeds such as that are catastrophic and let’s imagine you were in a hurricane. It would be virtually impossible for you to get help. If you are on dry ground, you could possibly drown or be killed by flying debris. You could not be rescued by the local fire department, in fact, the whole town should be evacuated. If you were in the ocean, you are certain to drown, but if not, coast guard ships or helicopters would not be able to survive the winds or high waves. Your ability to be rescued would be virtually impossible. Only our God can rescue us in a hurricane, his word says, ‘what is impossible with man is possible with God’!

To say the very least, I have been in a servere storm and God correlated it to a hurricane. God is so awesome and has prepared me that a storm was coming, but not only that He is with me in the storm and has comforted me that He can find me in my hurricane. I am certain that once I am through this storm I will have a greater wisdom and experience in God knowing that He can be trusted and many others to be determined. Are you in a storm today? Rest assured that He is with you and he may not want you to receive help from man, but to receive supernatural help. Perhaps, you don’t know Jesus and even though He can find you in your storm, He wants you to find Him because He is with you always. Maybe you have trouble letting go of control and Jesus wants to be in the driver seat. Whatever the lesson, trust Him today and find peace in your storm. I have attached the song that God gave me as I entered my hurricane, I hope it ministers to you as it has me. God loves you and so do I.

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