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How the truth can set you free

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.  John 8

I know someone close to me who was struggling with a situation in a relationship.  In this situation they were called a manipulator and basically a thief.  The person who was falsely accused I know is none of those things and does everything with a pure heart and a pure motive.  Needless to say this person decided to no longer be in alignment with someone who thought that about them.  However, they were struggling with getting past the false words.  They constantly struggled with anger and hurt and it began to start a root of bitterness in their heart.  They mentioned that they were constantly giving it to God, but still seemingly struggling with the issue.  One day the Lord had a divine appointment for my friend and she found herself in a conversation with someone who had been through something similar.  This person gave them wisdom and assured them that God would take care of it, that they just needed to trust Him.   She mentioned that after the conversation she immediately felt empowered.  Because she had been keeping it inside for so long it began to control her emotions and kept her from moving past it properly.  The word says in James 5, that if we confess our sins and we ask to be prayed for then we are healed.  We are not meant to carry our burdens.  However the enemy lies to us that we need to keep silent or use phrases that what happens here stays here.  Because the enemy knows that the power of secrets can destroy us.  My friend was empowered by our scripture verse above in John 8, then you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.  My friend said that she rose up in her faith and declared that God knew her, knew the situation and that she knew but she was not a manipulator and the truth of what happened and that she was not a thief.  And by acknowledging that truth about herself it empowered her to let the enemy know that he could not steal from her any longer.  How did the enemy steal from her? He robbed her of sleep, energy spent having mental arguments, caused her to irritable, robbed her joy, to mention a few.

Now she believes if the person that accused her of those things, it is their problem and that it is either rooted in their own wounding or their own filters based on their own belief system about people.

My friend instead of being angry at this person now has a different perspective, they actually pity the person who falsely accused her.  For someone to do that there must be something deep-seeded troubling them to falsely accuse another person.

I can think of something that happened to me where I was using Siri. I was saying one thing in a text message, however Siri translated another thing.  So when someone got my text they got angry.  The point to all of this….. No matter if you’re seeing something in text, does not always mean that you are seeing it correctly.

I looked up the definition of grudge…. It is a bad feeling or hate you hold against another person for something they did, or you THINK they did to you.

Don’t let the enemy lie to you through what other people may say about you.  Don’t always take things at face value such as something in writing like a text.  Seek God for what the truth is!  Because the truth will keep you out of bondage from the lies of the enemy.

Here are some additional truths that will help set you free.

God loves you

No matter what he can be trusted

You are forgiven

There’s nothing you could ever do that would separate you from God

Talk about it:
Who are you holding a grudge against?

What do you think someone has done to you?

Have you been falsely accused?

What are you fearing right now?

Pray with me:  Lord Jesus thank you that you died so that I may have abundant life.  I thank you that you are the spirit of truth and that whatever I’m facing that you will lead me into all truth so that I am no longer in bondage, but so that I can be free.  In Jesus’ name !

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