How to face your fears and indecision

18 Apr

Trust the Lord with ALL your heart and do not depend on your own thinking. Remember the Lord in all you do and he will give you success. Prov. 3

The root of indecision is fear. All of us struggle with different types of fears. Some fears are irrational based on a wound and other fears are rooted in traumatic situations. Why are we afraid? Perhaps we will embarrass ourselves, maybe we are afraid we are not good enough, afraid of failing. Fear of disapproval is a big reason we get into indecision…….Fear of man is a dangerous trap, but trusting God means safety. I have struggled with that before and I have learned that the fear of man is far greater than the fear of disapproval. I have just learned that I cannot control what others think about me and at the end of the day, why should it even bother me?

I have come to realize that for a long time I had struggled with a fear of commitment. That fear is rooted in several lies that I have believed based on my past. Because I would allow the voice of those lies to become louder than the voice of God, I would personally destroy those relationships before those lies could come true – so I thought. See that was the problem, I was leaning on my own thinking…..however, the antidote of these lies is found in our scripture above – that is to Trust God with ALL our heart, not just some it. Because of that fear, it really kept me in a place of indecision. I was always afraid of making a mistake. I believe that there were a handful of men in my life that were very good choices for me, but my fear won.

I found myself in a very serious relationship recently. My fears would surface from time to time, however, I made a commitment to trust God and not be afraid and I never did anything that would personally destroy our relationship. I soon learned that we were unequally yoked which began to cause some issues as it relates to spiritual decisions. God let me know after a certain time that he had rejected him for me. I asked God, why he allowed him in my life and why things initially seemed to line up perfectly. I believe what God spoke back to me was…… He was a type of test for me. God knows me and what makes me tick, however, it was just an unveiling of myself to me. I passed the test and I saw some things that still need tweaking so to speak. God is preparing me for his best.

So HOW do we get rid of our fears?? Only one way — just like me, you have to face it and move forward. The bible says that David RAN to the battle line. He faced his opposition with determination to defeat it. And we must be the same way. I heard a interesting saying……. eventually you have to stop aiming and pull the trigger.
You just have to step out in faith and trust God. Remember courage is not the absence of fear, courage is moving ahead in spite of your fear.

Where do you need to trust God? I do not know what decision you need to make, but you need to prepare for it and then step out in faith. Why? Because your choices determine your character and your destiny. Commit to the Lord and he will give you wisdom and the courage to make the decision that will bring you closer to who he made you to be. You will find that your worst fears will NOT come true. When God is involved in our decisions, his word says above that he will cause us to succeed !! That is great news !!

How have your fears kept you from moving forward in life?
Is there a decision that you need to make that requires you to trust God?
What step of faith do you believe he is telling you to take?

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