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Payday is coming !

I want to lay out a small foundation of where your abiding place is with God. It’s a place that’s the hardest to achieve because we have an enemy that uses situations, circumstances and people. This is something that I’ve been studying for about a month and I have only gotten a very small fraction of what it is that I’m supposed to learn. One day I am in hopes of really building this into a Bible study in the future. There is still so much more that I need to learn before I can share it with you, but at least I wanted to share a brief amount of wisdom that I’ve gotten from God thus far.

The abiding place for us in the Lord is a place called rest.

I am believing for something very specific and it’s not relevant for me to share with you what it is because I know that you’re just like me, that you’re believing for something and I don’t want you to get into a place of comparison. I just want you to focus on what you are believing for and what you need.

The Lord came to me earlier this year and challenged me to believe for something. And I’ve been on a journey since January that has been faith building, strengthening and renewing me. It’s been a place where I’ve literally received a resurrection of the woman that I used to be and the good news is that I’m going to accomplish more now than I did back then. You see what I’m believing for is something that I prayed very specifically for soon after I was called into ministry. I was a bold crazy woman of faith and I prayed for the miraculous to happen in my ministry and I dared God to show me things that were impossible! They were things that only I have ever heard of, not seen. You see I prayed such a daring prayer and I thought that the manifestation of that prayer would be through someone that I did not know, perhaps someone in one of my meetings. I had no idea that my prayer will be answered so close to me. My journey is difficult, but I believe not only am I getting a renewing in my faith, but I’m getting new territory of authority to actually walk out and be the living words of Jesus, that we would do greater things than him!!! Those were Jesus’s words to his children that greater works would we do, oh but let me tell you to see the miraculous, it will completely take you out of your comfort zone. You see if I’m believing for a miracle that means that things are definitely out of sort or I would not need A miracle. I had no idea the cup that I would drink praying this prayer but let me tell you the journey is difficult, it is and gut wrenching, but the reward is so great!!!

Why do I have to study rest? Because not only is rest the abiding place with God, but it’s also the place of manifestation. This is the place that you need to remain to see the miraculous and I believe that I have been put through this journey to help you see and to receive your manifestation. I’m going to remind you we are only scratching the surface, but I believe what I’m sharing with you today is going to be a kick starter to help you.

Our foundation scripture is found in Hebrews 4:3
For those having believed enter into the rest. As he has said, “so I swore on my wrath they shall not enter into my rest” and yet the works have been finished from the foundation of the world.

So we see here in the book of Hebrews, that we have a part as it relates to the scripture. It is up to us to enter into rest. In fact you can see God saying here that he swore on his wrath that people did not enter into his rest because they did not believe. Believe in what? The finished work of Christ that has been laid since the very foundation of the world. So if we are going to enter into rest we have to believe. We have to believe in the finished work of Christ, in other words when he died and he took sin upon himself, and when he says it was finished that meant all of his works were done. That means that your healing is finished, that means that your deliverance is finished, it’s already done, that means that your prosperity is finished, etc. and you have to do your part and enter into that place of rest which is believing that what you need or what you’re expecting has already been done for you. And if you don’t believe as the writer says here in Hebrews, you will not enter in to that place of rest.

So if you’re going to enter into that place of rest I need to warn you that the enemy will put up a great fight for you to be in rest. Because he knows that if you get into that place of rest that means that you will see the manifestations of the finished work of Christ. He cannot take those things that were promised to you away from you. What he can do is he can keep you from getting there by using situations, circumstances. trials and people to get you into a place of doubt, so that you will not enter into that place of rest.

Moving along we see in Hebrews 10:35:
So do not throw away your confidence, because it has a great reward.
Another version:
cast not away therefore your confidence, which has a great recompense of reward.

Again we have a part as it relates to this scripture. We see that it’s our responsibility to enter into rest, which is our belief and having confidence in the finished work of Christ. We can also see here in Hebrews 10 that we can cast away OR that we can throw away our confidence. That Hebrew word for confidence means security, so we can throw away our security by unbelief. And the writer is saying don’t throw it away, don’t castaway your security which is the confidence in God’s promise of the finished work of Christ because it has a great reward. And for you to get that great reward which is the manifestation that you’re believing for you have to be in the place of rest.

I’m still trying to lay a foundation here we go down a little bit further in Hebrews chapter 4:11
Therefore let us labor to enter that rest, so that no one will fall by following the same example of disobedience of those who died in the wilderness.
So we see here that the writer in Hebrews is telling us to labor to enter that rest, in other words that’s a work or that’s a due diligence on our part that we need to enter into that place of rest so that we don’t fall from grace and lose the reward that we are expecting. Here we see the Lord is even calling it disobedience. And is our example of the Israelites that wandered in the wilderness for over 40 years because they would not believe God at his word and therefore; they could not enter into the promised land. We want to inherit all the promises that God has for us so we see what not to do and that’s just take him at his word and believe him have security and what he says and labor to get into rest. When fear or doubt or unbelief knocks on the door because they will, you have got to immediately get back into that place of rest. You have to become mindful when the enemy is using his ways to distract you to use people to hurt you to get you out of that place of rest. He cannot take the manifestation away from you but he can distract you along the way to get you in a place of upset and care and hurt and anger and worry so you will lose that place of rest.

What does recompense or reward mean? It simply means that payday is coming,that compensation is coming, it means that what hasn’t happened that was supposed to happen will happen. I need pay day to show up and I’m in a great fight because the enemy wants to take the reward and he cannot take this new territory from me he may distract me he may scare me he may try to get me upset but I will labor to get back into rest.

Everything that you need is in the finished work of Christ and just like sitting in a chair you have got to have confidence that that chair you have to have confidence that that word is going to sustain you it’s going to hold you up it’s going to strengthen you and it’s going to produce what you have inherited.

I don’t know what you’re believing for, but first begin to ask yourself, ‘do I have confidence or do I have security and what I’m believing for? If you don’t that’s OK because I didn’t either. And here’s a progression of a faith walk that may help you. Begin to start praying for God to help you believe for what’s already been promised to you. You may even go on a fast and pray for God to download his wisdom and to help you with your belief. Find scriptures that line up with what you’re believing for. Meditate on those scriptures, which means to rehearse them or repeat them over and over again in your mind and even write them down and when you get into doubt pull that out and read those scriptures. You may even be like me where you had to go to bed most nights and meditate on scripture over and over and over again until I fell asleep. Lastly, find somebody who agrees with you who will pray with you and believe for you because there is power in agreement. The word says that were two or more are gathered in his name but he is in our midst, it also says that one person puts 1000 angels to flight and two put 10,000 to flight. And when doubt and fear knock at the door, you say no and you labor to get back into that rest. The enemy is going to fight you because he doesn’t want you to see the finished work of Christ manifested in your life. So as you are in a fight don’t ever forget that you have more for you than against you.

The word says in
2 Kings 6
Do not be afraid the profit answered, those who are with us are more than those who are with them.
hat means that the enemy is against you but we have more angels we have more power you have more available to you through God then the enemy has against you. Don’t ever forget that.

I also need to help you understand that your manifestation could happen overnight or your manifestation can take some time do not get discouraged based on timing because just because it takes a while doesn’t mean that you will not see the promises that God has already laid out for you. So if you find yourself getting discouraged or getting weary, just labor to get back into that place of rest and declare that you will see the finished works of Christ in your life, you will see that manifestation and you will see your reward. And your reward will be your testimony and that testimony will help somebody else get the promises of God in their life. BTW, I am being attacked as I am writing this by the enemy…..but I keep moving forward because the enemy is trying to stop me from sharing God’s wisdom because he comes to steal, kill and destroy, but greater is HE who is in me than he who is in the world! AMEN!

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