Inner Vows

23 Oct

Inner vows — God says it’s a sin ….

We make inner vows …..Or a promise in response to something negative that we have encountered….

E.g. (I will never hurt like that again, I will never be broke, when I get some money I will make sure I have more than enough clothes, I will never treat my kids like that, no one in authority will ever tell me what to do).

When you make an inner vow with yourself, you have now become God over that area… And God will never be able to be lord over that area…. such as your relationships, your finances, your work ethic…..

1. Recognize it as sin; 2. Repent, which means you simply change your mind about it; 3. Forgive those who have hurt you; 4. Submit that area to God; 5. Break that off your life in the name of Jesus, and declare a blessing over your life.

I encourage you today to begin praying and asking God are there any inner vows or promises that you’ve made yourself to protect yourself… And submit those to him so he can become Lord over that area of your life. 🖤⚔️➕

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