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Divine Alignments

Ever heard..first comes the alignment, then comes the assignment?

I believe that God intends to use every relationship for a reason, season or a lifetime.

They all have some type of divine assignment and that does not necessarily mean that just because it’s a divine assignment that it has a happy ending. However, Jesus says let nothing go to waste and God’s promises are true that all things work together for good.

I believe that I was divinely connected with someone who I loved very much.
This person did not treat me well, did not see my value, lied to me, kept abandoning me and was duplicitous. Because I felt strongly about our divine connection I continued to keep giving him opportunities to have his words and his actions line up ……

The last straw with me finally happened and I told this person that we were done ….

I was so exhausted with circling mountains with him and I did not care any longer if I was being disobedient by walking away. I literally felt that my life was passing me by and I was missing out on other opportunities because of him……

Hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20!

Today I am grateful for him and there is only forgiveness and mercy in my heart ❤️

I believe that God picked someone on the planet who would make me feel so unsafe and so uncomfortable that I would be so desperate to deal with my fears of being in a relationship.

If he would have changed for me I would still have those fears and lies that I believed about relationships.

I just wish I would’ve gotten the lesson sooner than nearly 2 years of being off and on in relationship with this person.

The man God has chosen for me to spend a lifetime with is going to get the BEST of me!!!

Why? Because I made a decision that I was sick and tired of being fearful and feeling unsafe in relationships that I have sought healing and restoration. It was not fair to make every person I dated pay for things that happened to me a long time ago.

I’m so grateful to God that we have opportunities to become better and literally have beauty for ashes.

Always believe the best and trust God that He knows what He is doing – no matter what it looks like because eventually you will see that it worked for your good. 🙏


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