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Reverse negative thinking !

Woo hoo Day 12 of my brain detox!

Transparency is sometimes difficult but as God has called me to stand on stage, for the sake of other people being healed my life is an open book.

I am working on five different fears but doing one at a time …

1. Fear in relationships

Lies I believed: men lie, cheat and leave

Cause & Effect: I do not feel safe
Division, loss

These lies became part of my reality as early as 10 years old by people I loved and trusted …..

The lies and belief system that I developed were based on actions of others affected the way I felt in relationships, it impacted the way that I saw myself and set my relationships up for failure.

Thank goodness for God and the way he created our brains, neuroscience reveals that we can literally reverse damage and create new defaults!

Several days ago, I asked God for the perfect scripture to stand on in building my new thought process ..

Galatians 4: so you are no longer a slave, but a son/daughter, God has made you an heir !

Today God revealed that the truth is we are all subject to be hurt or disappointed unintentionally. The difference for me today is that I don’t have to live in fear and I can believe the best in someone. IF I do get hurt I can trust God that I will recover and that he will work all things together for good.

I no longer have to be a slave to that fear, those thoughts, feeling unsafe.
What the enemy has meant for my harm and my destruction, the Lord will use for good.

Today I have a better chance of going into a relationship and feeling safe and allowing myself to experience true joy where my happiness was stolen in the past because of fear……

I have shared that I can POLL an audience and 99% have experienced fear, rejection and abandonment.

You can reverse the thoughts and triggers and emotions from those events and we can truly live out John 10, that Jesus has come that we may have life and have it more abundantly!


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Divine Carpenter

Every week I write a daily devotional for a Celebrate Recovery group — you may not be in recovery, however, the revelation that God gives is relevant to all.

“Is not this the carpenter’s son? Is not His mother called Mary, and His brothers, James and Joseph and Simon and Judas?  Matt. 13:55

A carpenter has the skills and knowledge to cut, fasten, carve, and design objects made of wood and other materials, they also repair and design new structures.  Did you know that the frame work of a house is one of the most imporant foundations of a home.  The frame work is a structure that is put in place to not only secure the structure and protection of the outside of your home, but also the inside.   It does not surprise me that Jesus was a carpenter by trade before he was in ministry.  Jesus, like his earthly father was a carpenter and the same is true for him today.  Jesus is just like his heavenly father.  I believe that God is showing us a picture so that we can understand who he is and who our heavenly father is.  Metaphoically speaking, Jesus in our life comes that he would repair, rebuild and even create new things in our life.  We have broken relationships, we have hurt others, others have hurt us and we have missed opportunites and dreams.  Jesus as our heavenly carpenter can repair, restore and build new beginnings for us.  As we are walking out this journey of recovery we trust that those things that are broken and lacking wil be restored to us by allowing Jesus to be the skilled carpenter in our lives.  As I mentioned above, Jesus is also like his heavenly father.  It is written that Jesus said, if you have seen me you have seen the Father.  Jesus reflecting our heavenly father is one of unconditional love, grace, mercy and forgiveness.  Today I encourage you to trust God with your fears, anger and anything else that you are holding on to and allow him to reconstruct, repair and build a new foundation in your life so that you can be and have everything that God intends for you.  Also, do not let your hurts, habits and hang ups be in vain, you will meet people on purpose who will be going through something that you can relate to and you will be the arms and hands extended of Jesus. You can lead them to a heavenly carpenter’s love and divine reconstructive healing.
God loves you and so do I !


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