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Think about it

Do not call to mind the former things, nor dwell on things of the  past, for I am doing a new thing.  Isaiah 43

I would get excited when I would get Isaiah 43, oh great, God is doing a new thing….He is changing my circumstances.  What I soon learned is that God indeed wanted to change my circumstances, however, I was blocking that new thing.  One of my greatest friends lived in Chicago and she had been asking me to come visit her.  Because of a traumatic experience I had become very clausterphobic and had not been on an airplane in 15 years at that time.  This discussion went on for many months and I had not yet made the correlation to some dreams I was having.  On several occasions I had dreamt that I was at my home and I had for some reason needed help and I was calling 911.  I would get the operator on the phone but for no reason we would get disconnected.  One time I had been able to keep the operator on the phone and I was screaming out to her, don’t you know where I live????  Please send help!  That happened several times.  Then one day I was talking with my friend and she wanted me to come for Christmas which was 3 months away and she said we need to book the ticket before prices go up and I could not make that commitment because of overwhelming fear.  I felt defeated because I should be able to get on a plane.  So right there in that moment, I prayed to the Lord and I quoted his word in Luke 1:37, that nothing is impossible and I could with His help get on a plane and I decided to book that ticket shaking and trembling and to go on a 40 day fast to seek God for his strength and wisdom of how to make that possible for me.  That night I went to bed and I dreamt that I called 911 and for once a fire truck showed up!  The help lied within myself, you see  just as in my dream I kept getting disconnected with the operator and in the natural there was a literal disconnect between myself and help.  The connection was finally made with a mindset of faith that I could do and have whatever God’s word says.  Three months later I got on a plane and was able to rest and read magazines and my worst fears did not happen and I have been flying ever since that day.  The bible says in Luke 11:34 that the eye is a lamp to the body, when your eye is clear, your body is full of light and when it is bad, your body is full of darkness.  Here the eye is a metaphor of how we see things, which is a mindset, how do you see you see your circumstances, impossible or possible with God.   When God says forget the former things, He means that your past does not dicatate your future and it is up to you to take the limits off.  Today is a new day and by one decision of faith in His power, you can overcome addiction, poverty, fear, anger, broken marriage, loss of a loved one, failure or abuse.  Remember, with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible to him who believe!  AMEN!

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