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The greatest commandment


I got an email from a good friend last week and this is what was written to me:  God will replenish what we give awayDon’t be afraidGod will honor what you give.  God also told her to ask me if I knew he loved me?  Instantly I was in tears and I knew what God meant.  I was afraid!  For about a month I knew God was preparing me to do something that I was terrified to do.  I have someone very close to me who has basically been mistreating me all my life.  To honor them and to be matter of fact, they really don’t know any better.  On my birthday this person got visibly upset and stormed out, but on their way out they threw my birthday card at me and did not even wait for me to open it or thank them.  I left there crying wondering again, what have I done?  There were three more incidences after this and I drew the line in the sand and I did not spend Christmas with them.  I was very upset, but I felt it was the right thing to do.  Since Christmas I have been hearing things on forgiveness, mercy and love and knowing God was prompting me to offer those three things to this person.  I had gotten so fed up with things that I could not even bear to hear this person’s voice.  I can say I have never experienced that kind disconnectedness.  I knew I needed to extend forgiveness, but I was terrified because this person can hurt me like no one can.  I am tired of hurting and I did not want to lose this peace.   Then I get the email from my friend…..God said he would honor what I give and not to be afraid.  Its hard for us to comprehend that we have a God that loves us unconditionally that he says that he does not deal with us as we deserve.  God also tells us that his thoughts for us are too many to count !  Knowing how God loves and his commandment to us in the gospels is that Love is the greatest commandment.  I have often heard that love is the most powerful force in the universe.  It is said that love conquers all, it covers a multitude of sins and of faith hope and love, it says that love is the greatest.  I just could not seem to get a speech or email ready for fogiveness without putting in a few justifications of my own…..I would erase and start over because I knew that God wanted me to give total forgiveness — releasing this person of any debt (emotionally) that I think they owe me.  So I prayed, I asked God to show me this person through his eyes.  He answered that prayer 3 days later.  He said if that person’s mother dies today, that they will possibly never know unconditional motherly love.  I cried hysterically!!  My heart was broken that this person has never been loved like they should have been.  So I sent an email and all I really felt compelled to say was that ‘if no one has told them today……they are loved’.  I sent the email with no expectation.  In fact, if there was expectation, I leaned more towards hostility or silence.  God did more than I could ask or think.  I had a response within hours, they were so receptive and could not wait to speak with me!  I cried with joy!  I am trusting God that he will work in that situation in the future and I will trust him and not be afraid.  Just as God spoke through my friend that he would replenish what I gave away……he not only gave my little back, but overflowing!  Love is the hardest thing to give away, especially to the unlovely and to those who hurt us.  Love is just more than some chemistry between 2 people, but according to Corinthians, it is an action (patient, kind, looonnngg suffering…..)— therefore love becomes a choice.  Is there anyone that you need to extend love and mercy to?  Step in faith just as I did, and know that love is the most powerful force that we operate in and it may not make sense, but it does cover a multitude of sins and love always conquers !   God loves you!!!

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Love is a choice

Let each esteem others better than himself.  Philippians 2:3

A Pew Research Center study last fall revealed the way our society is changing its view of marriage. Nearly 40 percent of respondents said that marriage is becoming obsolete. Cohabitation has become the norm, and many people are accepting the view that wedding bells aren’t needed to have a family.1

It’s incorrect to view love as something we fall into and out of, as if we were at the mercy of some kind of romantic fate. To love someone faithfully and continually is more a matter of choice than of chemistry. It’s more volitional than emotional. We decide that if God loves us, we can love others. We choose to love just as we choose to be patient and kind. We determine to put others before ourselves as the Bible commands in Philippians 2.

John MacArthur makes an unusual statement in his book, Different by Design: “When you choose to love someone who is no longer attractive to you, he or she will soon become attractive. Loving as Christ loves does not depend on what others are in themselves, but entirely on what we are in Christ.”

Love is a choice we make–it is an act of our will as well as our heart.

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